Water Chillers

These units are self-contained and include a WATER TANK and WATER PUMP. Chillers recirculate water and are considered "Closed Loop" systems.

Why buy our CHILLERS

UNITROL manufactures “AUTOMOTIVE GRADE” chillers which come complete with features that are extra cost or not available on their line of “commercial grade” chillers. And yet the cost to you is about the same. And when you add the cost they charge as options for these features, UNITROL comes out at a lower cost.

These features are supplied at no extra cost to handle continuous operation at full capacity under the harshest of industrial conditions. These features, supplied standard with all UNITROL chillers, can save upwards of $1,700.00 in cost over other chillers.

  • Spot Welders
  • MIG / TIG Welders
  • Water Jet Machines
  • Plastic Molders
  • Hydraulic
  • Food Safety
  • Medical Equipment
  • Induction Heating
  • Laser Systems
  • Industrial Processes
  • AUTOMATIC WATER REFILL VALVE:  This is an option for commercial chillers and costs about $175.00 and up and is standard on UNITROL chillers except model #8000.
  • LOW WATER FLOW SAFETY SWITCH to protect refrigeration components stops the compressor if a fault occurs that could freeze the system. This is about a $300.00 option on other chillers but standard on UNITROL chillers.
  • BACKFLOW KIT to prevent water overflow in tank when system is shut off. Kit includes zero pressure water solenoid valve, and check valve. Supplied on 5-ton or larger chillers. This is a $300.00 - $400.00 option on other chillers. They are standard on UNITROL chillers except model #8000.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BRAZE PLATE EVAPORATOR, mounted outside of water tank. Our outside stainless steel evaporator produces the maximum cooling efficiency possible to get more than the “nominal” rating out of our chillers at all flow rates. Many other companies put a finned evaporator coil inside their tank.
    • This is a major service problem because service or inspection of the coil requires removal of the water tank.
    • A coil inside the tank has low water flow across the fins to cause clogging that continues to lower efficiency and ability to cool the water.
  • SELF-CLEANING EVAPORATOR: Because of the high flow rate through our outside evaporator, the Unitrol system is self-cleaning. Since water flow across the evaporator coils inside other brand chillers tanks is not uniform, chiller efficiency at low to medium flow rates is poor, and the fins on the in-tank evaporators have to be periodically cleaned.
  • STAINLESS STEEL WATER PUMPS. This increases pump efficiency and eliminates corrosion found in other types of pumps.
HILLERS-steel-hollow-metal-doors-welders- 2
  • LOW WATER-FLOW BYPASS VALVE to allow use of chiller at any external water flow level and still prevent water freezing in the evaporator. This recent addition to our chillers allows outside flow to be 0 – maximum without effecting chiller operation. The bypass will always keep a balanced flow through the evaporator and not deadhead the water pump (saves seals). This is a $120.00 option on many other brand chillers but standard on UNITROL chillers.
  • SEAMLESS NON-METALLIC WATER TANKS with non-metallic and brass fittings. We have found these tanks to be 100% without leaks since the first chiller in 1971.
  • RETURN WATER FILTER/STRAINER with live flush valve prevents contaminants from reducing the efficiency of the cooling evaporator and also prolongs the life of the water pump. This option can cost $175.00 on other brand chillers but standard on UNITROL chillers.
  • AIR INTAKE FILTER, washable. This is not available on most commercial chillers. We feel that a chiller operating in typical factory conditions should have the ability to trap dirt and oils on a filter and not on the condenser coils. Because of this standard air intake filter system, our chillers do not require periodic flushing and chemical cleaning of the evaporator coils. This feature can cost $250.00 or more on commercial chillers and is standard on UNITROL chillers.
  • SERVICE “HOT” ability. All inspection and adjustments can be done with all outside panels removed. This is required for automotive chillers since they do not want to take a line down while doing inspection or minor repair (hose leaks, etc.) on a chiller. You cannot do this on most commercial chillers since removing the panels on an operating chiller will run the pressure to the high limit and turn the compressor off.
  • ELECTRONIC DIGITAL CONTROLLER. Single stage for 10-ton and smaller chillers, dual and triple staged for 15-ton or larger chillers for maximum efficiency. This is a $100.00 option for other manufacturers on smaller chillers.
  • NON-FERROUS FITTINGS on all water passage fittings to prevent internal rust accumulation and allow use of the chiller on a wide variety of fluids.

Need Help in Choosing the Cooling or Chilling solution for your welders.

RWCLLC and UNITROL electronics have partnered to bring you the right solution for your shop. UNITROL, since 1971 has the experience to bring on the chill.