Process Water Chillers From 1/3 to 50 Tons

The Best Cooling or Chilling Solution for your Welders

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    All RWCLLC Spot Welder Chillers are self-contained, closed-loop refrigeration systems which recirculate a continuous supply of cold water virtually eliminating all water consumption. 

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    RWCLLC chillers are designed to handle a large variety of industrial water cooling applications.

Featured Chillers

Over the years, RWCLLC has produced a large volume of chillers for use in resistance (spot) welding applications. Our experience in sizing chillers used in welding lines allows us to provide the most economical match of chiller and application.

Need Help in Choosing the the best Cooling or Chilling Solution for your Welders

Resistance Welding Controls, llc, (RWC,llc) and UNITROL electronics have partnered to bring you the right solution for your shop. UNITROL, since 1921 has the experience to bring on the chill.

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60 years of experience in Resistance Welding Technology in applications that include ultra low electrode forcé Welding technology, micro Welding technology and Welding of pre coated materials.