Customizing a UNITROL Chillers

We can modify any chiller model to handle special applications such as:

  • Electrical: 380V or 575V, 50Hz frequency
  • Water Pumps: Special flow or pressure requirements
  • Dual Water Pumps: One pump for internal refrigeration, one for outside load
  • Added Cooling Loops: To chill more than one circuit (Often used for Seam Welding flood cooling)
  • Split systems to place heat-producing condenser outside of building
  • Manual water refill with sight glass to replace automatic refill system
  • Alarms and interlocking systems

gas reductor, gas flow, bar-2755544.jpg

Non-Refrigerated Coolers:

We also manufactures non-refrigerated systems that will cool water down to as low as 5°F above room temperature. These systems include a fine-finned radiator, water tank, water pump and controls. Sizes range from nominal 24,000 BTU/Hr to 1,000,000 BUT/Hr. Contact RWCLLC sales to select the appropriate model number.


Outdoor Applications:

Chillers can be ordered with outdoor kits installed for use in any ambient temperature.

Water Cooled Chillers:

Standard model chillers are provided with Air Cooled Condensers. RWCLLC can also provide any of our chillers with Water Cooled Condensers.

High Ambient Temperatures:

If your chiller will be located where the temperature is routinely above 100F Let us know, there is a High Ambient Temperature kit we have as well.

Get in touch with us for the Best Cooling or Chilling solution for your welders.

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