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    Consider RWC, llc. and GoldenSpot. We will show you how cost effective the right solution can be. You now have choices beyond the typical European suppliers. 

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    RWC, llc. represents Golden Spot throughout North America. We supply the parts and service when needed from the USA. No waiting on European Technicians to help.

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RWC, LLC. Is a full-service Resistance Welding Control and Machinery supplier with a 30+ year history of innovative resistance welding solutions. Our commitment is to bring you the best machinery and technology from around the world to your facility and support it locally.

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Since 1975, GoldenSpot Industry of Taichung, Taiwan has been building machines specifically for the wire goods market. Many in the wire goods industry think that they have only two options for wire productivity.

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The high speed Mesh welders that do great on grids, or the Coordinate x-y welder for those parts where wires are bent, or there are wires in multiple planes.