PPL Narrow Line

Using RWC/Safco AC and MFDC controls.

Rocker Arm Resistance Welding Machines

PPL Narrow Line Rocker Arm Resistance Welding Machines are a specialized category of welding equipment renowned for their precision and efficiency. These machines feature a unique rocker arm design that allows for controlled and consistent welding in tight spaces or on narrow seams. With their robust construction and advanced technology, PPL Narrow Line Rocker Arm Resistance Welding Machines excel in applications where space is limited, and precise welds are essential. These machines find their niche in industries like automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and electronics, where the need for dependable and high-quality welds in confined areas is paramount. Whether it’s joining intricate components or achieving tight welds on delicate materials, PPL Narrow Line Rocker Arm Resistance Welding Machines set the standard for accuracy and reliability, making them a valuable asset in modern manufacturing processes.


Rated Power at 50% 50-60Hz AC kVA 30 45 30 30
Secondary Short Circuit Current 50% kA 15 kA 22 kA 25 kA 32 kA
Rated Power at 50% 1000Hz DC kVA 30 kVA / 2 DIODE 40 kVA / 2 DIODE 60 kVA / 2 DIODE  80 kVA / 2 DIODE
Secondary Short Circuit Current (20%) kA  19 15 15 15
Spot Arm Length inch 15.75/23.625 15.75/23.625 15.75/23.625 15.75/23.625
Distance Between
Projection Tables
inch 7.875 7.875 7.875 7.875
(80 psi max)
lbf 405 405 405 405
Stroke (max) inch 6.875 6.875 6.875 6.875

1. Spot
2. Angular Electrode
4. Stroke Adjustable Cylinder
5. Stroke End Adjustable Cylinder
6. Double Stroke Cylinder
7. Proportional Valve
8. Pressure Sensor
9. Double Hand Button