Standard resistance welding machines are essential tools in the manufacturing industry, renowned for their precision and efficiency.

  • Standard Resistance

    AC, 3Phase-DC, MFDC in the range of 30-600kVA, MFDC, spot, projection, portable transformer, seam and butt welding machines.

  • Special Purpose Resistance

    Fully automatic product and special purpose, semi-automatic resistance welding machines and full automatic welding lines.

  • Training & Consulting Services

    Resistance welding process design, special fixture and electrode designs, welding trainings and machine retrofits.

Because when dedication meets welding expertise, the results speak for themselves.

Standard resistance welding machines are preferred for their ability to produce clean and consistent welds. This results in high-strength connections that meet stringent quality standards, ensuring the structural integrity and reliability of the welded components.

  • Process Analysis

  • In order to present the correct and most efficient solution, the needs are identified and analyzed and compared with sample applications.

  • Concept Design

  • According to the designed scenario, the design is shaped in outline, appropriate equipment is selected and engineering analyzes are made.

  • Product and System Design

  • Mechanical and automation designs are made to meet all specifications.

  • Product and System Assembly

  • The product is made operational by manufacturing and assembling the design outputs.

  • Test and Verifications

  • Verification of the design is ensured by conducting tests in accordance with the specifications together with the end user.

  • Installation, Training and After Sales Support

  • Our experienced team provides on-site commissioning and training.

Unique for its extensive range, we are always at the forefront of technological innovation, with large resources constantly invested in research and development. Excellent welding characteristics, continuous innovation, reliability, design, strict compliance with international standards are the secret of our growing worldwide success.

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