Truss Type Welded Mesh Machine

Fully automated Truss Girder welders. Fed from coils with a wide variety of stacking options avaible

Coil fed for continous operation and low labor. Each section of the machine is monitored by the on board progress monitoring system for optimum perfomance

Ladder Type Welded Mesh Machine

The workhorse in the mansory reinforcement mesh industry. This welder can accomodate a wide variety of seismic designs as well

Coil fed ladders style mesh welder. Can weld either black steel stainless steel or galvanized steel wire

Available with and without stacking systems and can also be supplied with a banding system to automatically bundle in sets pf 10/24/28 pieces or almost any qty you desire for easy hanling and distribution

Available in AC or MFDC style

Modular Production Line for Truss-Type Wire Mesh

For truss style mansory reinforcement mesh. Can be supplied with additional bends for seismic applicaions too

Coil fed for high productivity

Can be supplied with a wide variety of stacking and bundling options

Available with AC for MFDC welding technology

Bird Spikes Auto Welding Machine

This is world standard for bird spike making machinery. Steel and stainless steel wire

Fed From coils of wire and coils of steel strip

In terms of required length, sending the welded mesh to proceed the work of guillotine shear or re-coiler.

Can be supplied with a wide variety of bundling options as well

Rolled Masonry Reinforcement Welder

Used in the oil fields and other reinforcement areas

Used in the a variety of industries, this narrow mesh is the perfect reinforcement for concrete pipe

Available with stackers and coilers after the welding and bending section

In terms of required length, sending the welded mesh to proceed the work of guillotine shear or re-coiler

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