MFDC Inverter Control CS-I weld controls

  • ¬†Inserting line wires off coil to the wire feeding device, and then sending to the wire accumulator via 2 sets of wire straightening devices by driven motor. According to the required distance, setting the pitch precisely.
  • Automatic cross wire loading carriage with cross wire hopper for sorting, positioning and ejecting straightened, cut to length wires.
  • According to the wire diameter, the welding time and current are easily adjusted.
  • In terms of required length, sending the welded mesh to proceed the work of guillotine shear or re-coiler.

MF electronic controls

Wide offer also covering top quality Medium Frequency controls and component kits to satisfy any need from the most qualified sectors of the industry in order to build high quality special equipment as required by most qualified integrators.

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Number of Weld schedules 64 64 expandable to 128
Weld schedule heats 4 4
Analog input and output, ma and v yes yes
Expandable analog features No Yes
Gains weld monitoring and control in under 3 ms yes yes
Can be set for higher frequencies 10 Khz 20 Khz
USB Connection N/A Standard
Ethernet connection Optional Standard
%d,%v,IK,IP,IK,AD yes yes
Inverter IGBT warranty 1 year, 2100 hours 3 year, 6200 hours
User interface 2 color LCD 256 color LCD
Graphical output yes yes