Manual butt welders N20

Manual butt welders

Large family of manual butt welders for wire drawing mills. Lever or pedal operated. Optional grinding wheel for burr removal.


N20 is a manually operated buttwelder especially developed for joining concrete reinforcing steel rods.
Working height adjustable on two levels, pedals accessible from the rear of the machine, powerful upsetting force: this equipment has been developed carefully considering all daily needs of the typical user.
N20 is standard equipped with annealing facility and four wheels for easy transportability.

  •  Easy-to-use
  •  High reliability
  •  Movable jaw by bearings for very precise low friction sliding to achieve quality welding

Butt Welders

The spot-welding family starts from a large variety of pedestal rocker arm machines, available in mechanical or pneumatic versions and is completed by vertical stroke pneumatic operated equipment. Furthermore, we have another series of pedestal vertical stroke pneumatic operated units suitable for both spot and projection welding by utilizing different tooling, completed by a bench type series as well. In this family, we also have pneumatic operated suspended guns for spot-welding with built-in transformer. As you will see, going through the range in detail, we can offer you several Medium Frequency inverter machines, which are the ultimate answer to increased demand for quality in resistance welding applications.
Single phase input50/60 Hz V 220/440
Rated power at 50% kVA 20
Max. welding power kVA 88
Installed power kVA 15
Cross section connecting cables mm2 16
Delayed fuse A 40
Secondary voltage V 4,4
Secondary short circuit current kA 25
Clamping force daN 400
Uspetting force da N 250
Wire Diameter (mm) min 8
max 8
Dimensions  mm 800
 mm 880
 mm 1650
Weight kg 320