Single Phase AC Spot Weld Control CS-6H weld control

  • 2 welding time and % heat available in each weld schedule
  • Single or repeated mode
  • Automatic compensation of main voltage fluctuation
  • Error display during the welding cycle
  • Weld/no Weld selector key
  • 24 V DC supply solenoid valve
  • 50/60 Hz frequency automatic identification
  • 24 V AC supply electronic control
  • 16 weld schedules available in single foot pedal mode or 2 weld schedules
    available in 2 optional 2 foot pedal mode.
  • Electrode force adjustable by spring nut and, for KP, also by air pressure
    regulation manometer
  • Easy electrode gap adjustment without moving the electrode holders
a Squeeze time
Pressure contact
b Slope up time
c1 – c2* Welding time
i1 – i2* Welding current
d Holding time
e Pause time
* i2 – c2 avaible only whenever using a double pedal