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SA Series

SW Press Welder

This series is available in both AC and MFDC styles in both spot and projection welding versions.

Internally cooled, this production MFDC seam welder is precision controlled using a variable speed AC gear motor for control

Fully automated Truss Girder welders. Fed from coils with a wide variety of stacking options avaible

Wire Harness Welders

WCW1 Bench Top Model

This Vertical Bench Type Resistance Welder is designed for fusing copper wires for electrical wiring harnesses and similar applications.

Wire Harness Welders

WCW2 Full Chassis Welder

These Vertical Press Type Resistance Welders are designed for fusing heavy copper wires for harnesses.

Wire Productivity

X – Y Welders

These versatile welders are easy to program and allow for simple automation of a wide variety of shapes. You can weld sheet metal as well as wire goods on these welders.

Easy to use CNC technology that anyone can use

CEA Precision

Z – ZP

Z and ZP Series resistance spot welders, versatile, robust and easy-to-use, ensure best welding results on any weldable metal and are the most ideal solution for all spot welding applications