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Used in the oil fields and other reinforcement areas

SA Series


Why buy a used welder when for just a little more you can have a full featured affordably priced welder with a warranty!

SA Series

Seam Welder

Externally cooled and great for the lower volume customer looking to automate their operation.


Soft Touch

The World’s First Fully Passive Pinch Point Safety SystemProtects Spot Welder Operators Without Affecting Production!

CEA Precision


For larger Butt Welding needs this flash butt welder series will weld materials from 5/8" to 1 1/8" in diameter depending on this size

CEA Precision


With its easy to use foot pedals the CQ/AS Series has ball bearing slides for precision control and will weld from 5/8" to 1" in diameter materials on a production basis

CEA Precision

SRT 11

Our small production butt welder. The SRT-11 will weld up to 5 / 16" wire easily. Precision ball bearing slides make the welds very uniform and repeatable

Dual Layer Productivity Centers

Standard Productivity Center

Faster than an X-Y welder these welders are available in a variety of automation levels. You can weld sheet metal as well as wire goods on these welders.

High tip force, 360° Rotational Use