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CEA Precision


This rebar welder is foot operated and will join rebar up to 22mm or 7/8" in diameter

CEA Precision


The perfect choice for butt welding steel up to 3/4" in diameter or 18mm

CEA Precision


N3 model is standard supplied with the annealing function and four wheel trolley. Jaws opening and closing is operated by manuals levers.

CEA Precision


Great for steel wire to 5/16" diameter. Foot operated for ease of use on a coil line

PP Series Rocker welders, perfect for the job shop or the production shop!

CEA Precision


Vertical Stroke Press Welders Available in 4 popular sizes 60/80/150/250 KVA Adjustable knee and available in spot or projection weld versions

CEA Precision


3 Phase DC Welders. Spot and Pojection Available from 100 to 450KVA A great choice for the high current weld

CEA Precision


Vertical Stroke press welders in 3 sizes. 35/60/125KVA AC in 220/380/440VAC

LORS machinery shipped their first door welder in 1962 and built a legacy of reliability and simplicity of use in the Hollow Metal Door industry.