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Dual Lane Flexi welder

Dual Lane Flexi Welder

The dual lane flexi welder is an excellent choice for high speed welding  where some wires are manually loaded. The welder was originally designed for the wire shelving industry and has proven to a versatile solution for many other industries.

Dual Layer Productivity Centers

Dual Layer Productivity Center

Faster than an X-Y welder these welders are available in a variety of automation levels. You can weld sheet metal as well as wire goods on these welders.

Systems of all style, automatic and semi automatic

Wire Mesh Welders


The GSA series is the workhorse of our Mesh welders and has been popular since we built the first one over 20 years ago.

Wire Mesh Welders

GSA125 – GSA200

For continous wire mesh.

CEA Precision

K – KP

NKL series resistance spot welders, versatile, robust and easy-to-use, ensure best welding results on any weldable metal and are the most ideal solution for all spot welding applications.

MFDC Projection Weld Series is available in 100 to 200KVA

This 20 and 40KVA Spot Weld Series is a great choice for weld nuts and other spot welding needs

Suspended Guns

MFDC Inverter Gun

50% Duty Cycle/1000-1800hz: 80 KVA, 100 KVA, 160 KVA or others