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SA Series

Butt Welder

Great Value and ready to weld. Perfect for the job shop or production shop.

Suspended Guns

C Gun

High efficiency, simple to operate, nimble and 360° rotational use, energy saving.

HVAC Welders


These units make sealed duct work simple

Spot Welding Controls


PLC addressable, 32 schedule memory, each with 3 heats and capable of controlling multiple valves with a built in analog input and out.

Constant current and 3 phase weld controls.

Affordable as either a single spot welder or can be easily connected to each other for automated systemss too. 2 formats availablein either the mini style or horizontal stryle. 30+ years of service and recently redesigned for another 30 years.

Premium MFDC Inverter weld control from 1,000Hz through 15,000Hz and 800Hz AC Available as well

This premium AC weld control with adaptive feedback built in. Great for automation and process feedback as well.

Door and Door Frame

Door Frame

RWC continues the LORS legacy of steel doorframe welding machines into the 21 century.