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Ideal for security fencing and construction fencing too

This dual layer productivity center will weld one fixture while you load and unload the previous fixture. Easy to use CNC technology makes it simple to use and fast to set-up  

Construction Machinery

Bird Spike Auto Welding Machine

This is world standard for bird spike making machinery. Steel and stainless steel wire

CEA Precision


Our bench welder series is available in AC or MFDC and Spot or Projection

HVAC Welders


These units make sealed duct work simple

Systems of all style, automatic and semi automatic

MFDC Projection Weld Series is available in 100 to 200KVA

This 20 and 40KVA Spot Weld Series is a great choice for weld nuts and other spot welding needs

Door and Door Frame

Model ECSW Welder

RWC continues the LORS legacy of door welding machines into the 21 century. We continue to offer the venerable LORS door welders as well as some new welders that offer increased productivity and affordability!. Ask us for our latest brochure.