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Suspended Guns

A Gun / X Gun

Integrated Transformer Welding Gun (IT Gun)

This dual layer productivity center will weld one fixture while you load and unload the previous fixture. Easy to use CNC technology makes it simple to use and fast to set-up  

SA Series

Butt Welder

Great Value and ready to weld. Perfect for the job shop or production shop.

Suspended Guns

C Gun

High efficiency, simple to operate, nimble and 360° rotational use, energy saving.

CEA Precision

K – KP

NKL series resistance spot welders, versatile, robust and easy-to-use, ensure best welding results on any weldable metal and are the most ideal solution for all spot welding applications.

Suspended Guns

MFDC Inverter Gun

50% Duty Cycle/1000-1800hz: 80 KVA, 100 KVA, 160 KVA or others

Door and Door Frame

Model ECSW Welder

RWC continues the LORS legacy of door welding machines into the 21 century. We continue to offer the venerable LORS door welders as well as some new welders that offer increased productivity and affordability!. Ask us for our latest brochure.

Used in the oil fields and other reinforcement areas

SA Series


Why buy a used welder when for just a little more you can have a full featured affordably priced welder with a warranty!