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Construction Machinery

Bird Spike Auto Welding Machine

This is world standard for bird spike making machinery. Steel and stainless steel wire

HVAC Welders


These units make sealed duct work simple

Modular Production Line for Truss Type or H Type Masonry reinforcement

CEA Precision


All air cooled with ball bearing slides, this go to welder for coil lines will weld. Will handle steel wire to 14mm (.55") in diameter with ease

CEA Precision


This rebar welder is foot operated and will join rebar up to 22mm or 7/8" in diameter

CEA Precision


Great for steel wire to 5/16" diameter. Foot operated for ease of use on a coil line

Used in the oil fields and other reinforcement areas

CEA Precision

SRT 11

Our small production butt welder. The SRT-11 will weld up to 5 / 16" wire easily. Precision ball bearing slides make the welds very uniform and repeatable