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Construction Machinery

Bird Spike Auto Welding Machine

This is world standard for bird spike making machinery. Steel and stainless steel wire

Spot Welding Controls


PLC addressable, 32 schedule memory, each with 3 heats and capable of controlling multiple valves with a built in analog input and out.

Constant current and 3 phase weld controls.

Wire Mesh Welders


The GSA series is the workhorse of our Mesh welders and has been popular since we built the first one over 20 years ago.

CEA Precision

K – KP

NKL series resistance spot welders, versatile, robust and easy-to-use, ensure best welding results on any weldable metal and are the most ideal solution for all spot welding applications.

Modular Production Line for Truss Type or H Type Masonry reinforcement

SA Series


Why buy a used welder when for just a little more you can have a full featured affordably priced welder with a warranty!

CEA Precision


For larger Butt Welding needs this flash butt welder series will weld materials from 5/8" to 1 1/8" in diameter depending on this size

SA Series

SW Press Welder

This series is available in both AC and MFDC styles in both spot and projection welding versions.