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CEA Precision


Our bench welder series is available in AC or MFDC and Spot or Projection

Wire Mesh Welders

GSA125 – GSA200

For continous wire mesh.

MFDC Projection Weld Series is available in 100 to 200KVA

This 20 and 40KVA Spot Weld Series is a great choice for weld nuts and other spot welding needs

CEA Precision


Vertical Stroke Press Welders Available in 4 popular sizes 60/80/150/250 KVA Adjustable knee and available in spot or projection weld versions

CEA Precision


3 Phase DC Welders. Spot and Pojection Available from 100 to 450KVA A great choice for the high current weld

CEA Precision


Vertical Stroke press welders in 3 sizes. 35/60/125KVA AC in 220/380/440VAC

CEA Precision


With its easy to use foot pedals the CQ/AS Series has ball bearing slides for precision control and will weld from 5/8" to 1" in diameter materials on a production basis

Internally cooled, this production MFDC seam welder is precision controlled using a variable speed AC gear motor for control