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Are you in the Hollow metal door business? We are the ONLY company authorized by LORS machinery to service their machinery. Come and find a solution.

Door and Door Frame

Door Frame

RWC continues the LORS legacy of steel doorframe welding machines into the 21 century.

The new DESW system welds continuously or intermediately while keeping your door flat. No complicated programing and high quality welding

Like the old LORS Model 145, we offer the legacy style along with more options to suit your volume needs

This new version of the venerable LORS model 734 is more reliable and welds with improved weld quality.

Available in 8 or 10 weld guns to weld doors up to 60" wide door. Run the door lenghtwise trough the welder

Door and Door Frame

Model ECPW End Channel Welder

Continuing the LORS machinery legacy that began in 1962 with the first door welder shipped. We are the only Authorized LORS machinery service support for your Door and Frame welding machinery

Door and Door Frame

Model ECSW Welder

RWC continues the LORS legacy of door welding machines into the 21 century. We continue to offer the venerable LORS door welders as well as some new welders that offer increased productivity and affordability!. Ask us for our latest brochure.

LORS machinery shipped their first door welder in 1962 and built a legacy of reliability and simplicity of use in the Hollow Metal Door industry.