Ring Makers

Simple ring making machinery available with and without butt welding

Coil fed and continous operation makes these ring making machines a workhorse for the shop not needing a CNC solution

Simple technology is easy to maintain by almost any mechanic

Single and Double Head Benders

Non CNC wire benders for the customer who does not need CNC

Non CNC solutions for the shop looking for a simple inexpensive solution to bend large volumes of wire goods

Easy to maintain and easy to service ans support

2D CNC Wire Benders

Simple to program 2-D CNC wire bending from 1mm through 15mm wire

Our 2D wire benders are robust in their desing and simple to program and learn

Made from hi quality servo motors and precision gear boxes, these wire benders are designed for a long life with robust warranty

These wire benders can also be equipped with a wide variety of end finishing options as well

3D CNC Wire Benders

Simple to program 3-D CNC wire bending from 1mm through 15mm wire

Our 3D wire benders are robustly engineered for a long life

Coil fed with wire capacities to 15mm these machines are simple to program and easy to learn how to use

Combine with our or wire bending software for even faster programming and changeover using your 3D data

Long Experience

We represent 2 different companies, one offering semi-automatic solutions for the smaller shop as well as 2D and 3D CNC solutions for the larger wire shop. The semi-automatic benders are built by a company with 50+ years of experience while the CNC benders are built by a company with 35 years of experience

Price Concious

Our wire bending machines offer exceptional value and support here in North American and elsewhere.

Robust Solutions

Our benders are covered by an exceptional warranty by RWC. We stand behind everything we sell!