X - Y welders with dual layer fixture automation

Easy to use CNC technology that anyone can use

Many different styles of x-y welders to weld a wide variety of products

Space saving dual layer makes large fixtures productive to weld in a smaller space than that turn table style

Easy to use CNC programing for fast and efficient set-ups

Auto Dual Layer Interchanging Type Multi-Point Welding Machine

This dual layer productivity center will weld one fixture while you load and unload the previous fixture. Easy to use CNC technology makes it simple to use and fast to set-up

90 programs for different applications save time from re-entering welding values/conditions during production shifting

Auto Dual Layer fixtures handling system make for easy one man operation and simple set-up

Micro-computer welding position controller - easy to adjust spot position.

Long Experience

Golden Spot Industries began building affordable wire welding solutions in 1975 and survives on a reputation of quality and reliability.

Price Concious

We do not offer you a single cookie cutter solution, we have a large catalog of solutions, far too many to show you all here of solutions that are extremely affordable

Robust Solutions

Our welders are not just machines, rather they are an extension your operators an intuitive machine that performs!