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We are your resistance welding control experts. In addition we have combed the world to offer the finest spot welding solutions to make you more productive.  Each one of our solutions is covered and backed by RWC right here in north America. 

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We sell mesh welders and a variety of clever and cost effective solutions that will help you become more efficient.

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With over 50 years of history, RWC has partnered with Safco Systems to bring the best solutions to North America. If you had to buy a weld monitor recently, you bought the wrong weld control. 

Our weld controls were designed to provide the perfect solution from free standing applications to high speed automated solutions with simple integration. Let us help you find the right solution

Chillers and Coolers​

All RWCLLC Spot Welder Chillers are self-contained, closed-loop refrigeration systems which recirculate a continuous supply of cold water virtually eliminating all water consumption. 

Wire Welding

We sell mesh welders and a variety of clever and cost effective solutions that will help you become more efficient. Whether you are making welded wire mesh for reinforcement or store fixture and display applications or automotive parts, give us a call.


We represent the finest companies from Europe and Taiwan for cost effective solutions all using RWC weld control solutions. In addition we also offer the longest warranty on the market.

Welding Controls

Resistance welding is the joining of metals by applying pressure and passing current for a length of time through the metal area which is to be joined.

Steel Hollow Metal Door Welders​

  We are the ONLY company authorized by LORS machinery to service their machinery. In addition we continue to build the famous welder that made LORS famous in the industry. We have also expanded the offering to include more automated solutions than ever before.

Electrode and Accesories

Do you need electrodes, chillers or specialized tools for your resistance welding operation?
Come inside and explore our solutions.

Our projects

We develop custom machines according to the specifications of your needs.If you only want to upgrade or replace your spot welding control, we can help you with cost effective solutions. If you need more process control in order to produce defect free welds, we can help with that too!

Our Clients

Resistance Welding Controls, LLC, is a woman owned company. Responding to a need for a better spot welding control at a better price point, we have a full line of spot welding controls for all resistance welding applications.
We do not stop there, we have also partnered with companies from around the globe that offer cost effective solutions that often times incorporate our weld controls.

Best machinery and
technology from around the world to your facility and support it locally.​

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