Wire Harness Welder

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  • Overview

    • Stranded wire compaction using a resistance welding power source offers superior results over ultrasonic welding on larger bundles of wires.


    • We offer machines that can compact wire bundles as small as 2  #22awg wires for a .030" nugget to a unit capable of compacting 3 #1awg wires.


    • Our system clamps the wires between two ceramic clamp blocks and the heat is generated using two precision ground tungsten electrodes.


    • Available in AC from 35-80 KVA and MFDC from 40-130KVA


    • Our AC weld control offers 16 weld control capacity with precise half cycle timing our use our optional full feature control with its standard resistance adaptive function to not only monitor the compaction but make changes to the schedule to ensure all arts meet your specification.  This weld control has 64 weld schedule capability as well as network capability and offers a variety of accessories including a compaction monitor capable of measuring the total compaction of the strands for a solid virtually void free nugget.


    • Water cooled electrodes using a built in water saver unit


    All welders are available in either foot operated or dual palm control and can be outfitted with the optional soft touch safety system.

RWMA Member