The World’s First Fully Passive Pinch Point Safety System Protects Spot Welder Operators Without Affecting Production!

Soft Touch

Soft Touch Features

Cannot be Bypassed

Soft Touch can not be bypassed or defeated.

Sensor Wires Always Clear of Production Area

Sensor wires are connected at output of welder secondary. Never needs sensor wire location to be moved closer to the electrodes for any type of welder.

Fast Release

Electrodes close under low force and release in less than half of a second if metal is not detected between electrodes.

Electrodes Close Without Initial Delay

Electrodes start to move at the same time the welding control is initiated. Closing speed is independent of welding pressure.


Works with Non-Unitrol MFDC inverter and 1 Phase AC controls. Change two plug-in relays for use with 115VAC or 24VDC solenoid valve voltage.

Easy Setup

No User Calibration, EVER. Just install and turn power ON.

Always Ready to Protect

Does not have to be calibrated even when you power-up, change material or change tooling.

Full Electrical Redundancy

All inputs and outputs require closure of both electro-mechanical and solid-state redundant components for full safe operation. Self-monitors output relay to prevent any operation if a fault is detected.


The welding electrodes close under low force. The unique pneumatic systems designed by UNITROL for this process can counter-balance the weight of the ram on large press welders. Even where the dead-weight of the welder ram is hundreds of pounds, the electrode force produced will be 50 pounds or less.

How Soft Touch Works


The welding control checks to see if metal has been detected between the electrodes within a customer set maximum time limit.


If metal is not detected, the electrodes open automatically and do not go to welding force. A display tells the operator the problem.


If metal is detected, full welding force is applied and the weld proceeds normally.

Soft Touch is a Fully Passive Fail-Safe System

Types of Welders

Soft Touch can be used with all types of metals on press welders, rocker-arm welders, portable gun welders, and hanging gun welders doing spot, projection and seam welding.


Fully Passive

There are no operator adjustments. Even if electrode height or travel is changed, the Soft Touch system continues to function without any operator changes. In fact, there is nothing for the operator to adjust.


Fail-Safe Operation

If any of the system sensor wires become disconnected, the Soft Touch system will lock out and not let the electrodes close or the welding sequence proceed. If the Soft Touch sensor board detects electrode continuity before the foot switch or hand switches are closed, the system will lock out and not allow any electrode movement.

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RWMA Member