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Resistance Welding Controls, LLC, is a woman owned company. Responding to a need for a better spot welding control at a better price point, we have a full line of spot welding controls for all resistance welding applications. Our inexpensive CS6 family of weld controls are feature packed and scalable. They can be used on a press or rocker welder, and are easily scalable to be used in a cascade multi head welder. We also offer leading edge technology in both AC and DC welding solutions for the ultimate in process management. If you need a weld monitor, clearly you bought the wrong weld control. Check out our full line of weld control solutions.


 30+ years of experience in resistance welding solutions.

Why Choose RWC?


Affordable solutions that will work within project budget.

Robust Solutions

Solutions to meet specific requirements of your resistance welding needs.

We do not stop there, we have also partnered with companies from around the globe that offer cost effective solutions that often times incorporate our weld controls. While many companies have left the market over the last 10 years, we offer experience you can trust. Each company that we represent for resistance welding solutions has a long proud history that goes back 15 years, 45 years, 60 years or more. RWC supports a wide range of industries from white goods, electronics, wire, automotive, construction, wire harness, sheet metal and HVAC to name a few.


When you work with RWC, you get 30+ years of experience in resistance welding, process management and quick set up machines. In addition, we offer rocker welders, press welders, weld controls, seam welders, mesh welders, grating welders, automation, riveting, assembly and more. Take a look at our ever changing latest projects page—we support and service everything we sell and now offer machinery rebuilding services as well. Let us work with you to offer solutions for your design and process management needs. Contact us today to talk about your next project.

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