Modular Production Line for Truss-Type Wire Mesh

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  • Overview

    • 3 Payoff Units (Spools) → Wire Straightener → Gear Motor-Driven Feeder → Accumulator → Servo-Motor Driven Advancing Device → Truss Forming Device → Formed Truss Wire Stacker → 2 Tee-Welders → Finished Product Pusher Device → Finished Product Shear → Finished Product Stacker.
  • Features

    Wire Guide Device:

    Detects wire positioning for proper placement.


    Wire Straightener:

    Straightens the wires.


    Feeding Device:

    Feeds wires to the accumulator using a gear motor.



    Accumulates the straightened wires.


    Wire Straightener:

    Straightens the wires again.


    Advancing Device:

    Driven by servo motor, advances progressively based on the user-programmed pitch.


    Truss-Type Forming Device:

    Forms the wires into a Truss or ‘Zig-Zag’ shape.


    2 units for T-type welding process.


    Finished Product Pusher Device:

    Pushes progressively based on the user-programmed fixed pitch.


    Finished Product Shearing Device:

    Automatically cuts product to user-programmed preset length. (Hydraulic system)


    Finished Product Stacker:

    Stacks the end-products after cutting to length.


    Electronic Control:

    Microprocessor-based welding control with touch-screen interface makes programming simple, and controls all functions of the machine.

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