MF 100 - MF 160 - MF 200 - Vertical Stroke Spot/Projection Welder - DC - Medium Frequency Inverter

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  • Overview

    PPN Inverter spot welders suitable for both spot and projection welding, BSW and MF models fully meet the mass production toughest industrial applications. Thanks to their features, they represent the ideal solution for resistance spot welding of Aluminum and other material not easily weldable by conventional resistance equipment. Equipped with microprocessor control, concomitant safety side buttons and solenoid valve, upon request, they can be supplied with special controls and configurations. MF range of medium-frequency inverter (1000 Hz) resistance welders is the ultimate answer to increasing demand for quality in resistance welding applications. Main advantages versus traditional equipment are: fast millisecond current regulation, constant current control, high quality and perfect control of the energy transferred to the weld nugget.

  • Features

    Direct Current

    • High quality joints
    • Large power for projection welding
    • Large power for welding with increased arm lengths
    • The presence of magnetic materials between the arms does not affect the welding
    • Long electrode life
    • Highest efficiency
    • Reduced welding time


    Three Phase Mains Supply

    • Balanced power absorption on the three mains phases
    • Low primary consumption
    • Lower cost for electric power
    • High power factor and output



    • Monitoring of the welding process every 1 millisecond (1000 Hz) versus traditional 20 millisecond (50 Hz).
    • Shorter welding times and lower welding current, by saving approx 30% mains consumption
    • Welding tasks previously solved by capacity discharge welding (C) are now possible by MF range in a more economic way
    • Quick upsloping to the preset welding current
    • Less thermal loss through the workpiece and electrodes
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