Ladder Type Welded Mesh Machine

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  • Overview

    • Line Wire:
    • Cross Wire:

    1 unit of Pay-off (spool) → Wire straightening device→ Advancing device (servo motor)

    2 units T-type welding device ( weld ) → End-product Shearing device → End-product Stacker

  • Features

    Wire Guiding Device:

    Detects the wires going through or not.


    Wire Straightening Device:

    Straightening the wires.


    Advancing Device:

    Driven by servo motor, feeding progressively based on the programmed required pitch.


    Cross Wire Shearing Device:

    Auto cutting the programmed pitch accordingly. (Hydraulic system).


    Welding Device:

    2 units for the process of T-type welding.


    End-Product Shearing Device:

    Auto cutting the preset length accordingly. (Hydraulic system.)


    End-Product Stacker:

    Deposits the end-products after cutting.


    Electronic Control:

    Equipped with man-machine interface windows based and PLC control, all the parameters and figures set on the screen, easy operating and maintenance.

  • Applications

    Ladder-Mesh are continuous lengths of joint reinforcement that are embedded into the horizontal mortar joint of masonry walls.

  • Available Material

    Mild steel, Hot dipped Galvanized, Stainless Steel

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