Grating Welder - Model GT

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  • Overview

    Single / Dual Cross Bar Grating Welding

    Energy Efficient

    Three Phase Inverter - DC Current Output Solution

    70% energy savings can be achieved compared to a standard Single Phase AC machine

    Low connection load of 800kVA for dual bar welding with primary current being as low as 1400A


    Energy Efficient

    German Bosch Rexroth- DC Inverter- Power Supply

    German Bosch Rexroth DC Inverter power supply unit, provides efficient primary current control and constant current output ensuring reliable welds.


    High Return on Investment

    Low Energy Cost and Efficient Production

    Save up to 70% energy-savings or US$20,000 in costs per year thanks to low connection load requirements compared with other AC machines.


    High Production Efficiency

    Preloading System

    Without stopping the machine, operator loads the bearing bar onto the preloading system for auto feeding into the welding station thus enhancing safety and efficiency.


    Save Labor & Increase Safety

    Cross Bar Auto Loading System

    The pneumatic auto loader accurately feeds and positions two twisted bars into the correct welding position prior to welding.


    Stable & Excellent Welding Quality

    High current density, stable pressure from the heat treated cast iron head, and the support of four heavy duty steel columns results in high penetration and excellent welding quality.


    Cooling is Vital for Performance

    The Inverter DC transformers, electrodes and secondary coils are all water cooled. A chiller (Optional) is available for continuous diode cooling. A series of built in fans eliminate condensation and maintains system stability.

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