FRW1x1202A - Hinge Reinforcement Welder

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  • Overview

    This rigidly constructed welder is designed for your door frame designs up to 14” deep in one piece,  This welder is a projection welder capable of welding hinge reinforcements up to 18” in overall length. This easy to adjust welder is available with fixtures for all the poplar hinge styles and sizes today.  Although the standard welder is 440VAC, it is also available in a variety of voltages from 208VAC through 600VAC and is now available in MFDC versions as well. This welder is similar to the LORS Brand Model 771.


    The standard weld control is an easy to use Microprocessor based phase shift control from RWC, but is also available with many other commonly available weld controls to suit your needs.


    If your shop demands higher productivity we make gang versions of this as well as the extended lip version similar to the Model 418 that LORS manufactured. Just ask us.


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