CS-NET - Expandable weld control capable of networking, 6 different operating modes and full process monitoring and feedback.

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  • Overview

    If you are using a weld monitor, you are using the wrong weld control!

    • The CS-Net is a full function AC Synchronous Phase Shift Microprocessor based control.
    • Super Fast Microprocessor for fast process correction.
    • Six different modes of process regulation are available:
      • Duty fixed percentage D‰
      • Duty percentage with primary voltage compensation, V‰
      • Constant Current IK
      • Constant Power PK
      • Constant Energy EK
      • Adaptive AD
    • Analog inputs and outputs user defined as Voltage or Current.
    • Easily set up for Spot or Roller welding applications.
    • ½ cycle weld control for delicate welding applications with short cycle times.
    • Display of RMS welding current and of the first period positive and negative half wave.
    • Setup and execution of 64 programs, called by external input, internal, sequential or associated with the start cycle IC1 or IC2.
    • Point to point serial communication line RS232, used to connect a printer or a personal computer or a network serial communication line RS485.
    • Optional expansion of communication: Profibus – DeviceNet – CANopen - Modbus/RTU - Profinet/IO - EtherNet/IP – EtherCAT - Modbus/TCP.
    • Start cycle with dual push buttons (dual input) or pedals (single input), no additional hardware required!
    • Monitoring (Quality Control) of the limits of the welding current in spot-weld and in rolls weld mode so no additional weld monitoring equipment is needed.
    • Programmable stepper function compensate for electrode wear  under a  variable curve for up to 4 electrode pairs..
    • Weld counter with alarm and lock function.
    • Four solenoid valves flexibly associated to pre-squeeze and squeeze within programs. Expandable to 64 valves with optional module.
    • Forging solenoid-valve output.
    • Pre-stroke solenoid -valve.
    • When using a Proportional valve, pressure settings can be associated with pre-squeeze, squeeze, preheat, welding and forging, through the proportional valve (pressure cycle).
    • Calibration of 4 electrode pairs or welding systems.
    • Four language setting built in, additional languages on request.
    • Perfect for automated systems with dedicated signal management by PLC and robust communication options.
    • Automatic line frequency recognition.
    • Self-contained external 24V power supply so no additional power supply is needed
    • Automatic checking and errors reports using Rogowski coil and voltage monitoring to ensure electrodes are in contact before firing.
    • Graphs trends of weld parameter on the terminal panel or output to your laptop/network.
    • Automatic duplication of the welding program in multiple programs.


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