CS-6 - Full feature weld control for press and rocker welders or link up to 12 units together for cost effective automation.

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  • Overview

    • Scalable welding control system
    • Use individually to control one transformer or in groups up to 12 to fire individually or simultaneously in sets.
    • Can be configured for load distribution across 3 phases in multi transformer applications
    • CS-6 has the Firing module built in for the SCR in an ultra compact format.
  • Features

    • Automatic Compensation for supply voltage fluctuation.
    • EMERGENCY STOP Input for cutting power to the control and valves.
    • Two cycle start inputs for execution of two separate programs 1 and 2, in association with same valve or 2 different valves.
    • Short circuit protected output valve outputs, End of Cycle Output and output for synchronous ignition of the SCR.
    • Will manage 2 weld heads.
    • Setting and internal call of sixteen welding pro-grams, 1-16.
    • Selectable times in ½ Cycles steps up to 10 cycles and complete Cycle over 10 Cycles for more precise control on short weld schedules.
    • Direct set of welding / non-welding by keys "+" and "-".
    • Malfunction Output Display.
    • Can be configured for Foot Rockers too!
    • Outputs voltage 24 V D.C. 5W max, the outputs are protected from short circuit.
    • Supply voltage can be set to 230 or 440 V +/- 20%.
  • Program Parameters

    • Squeeze, Cool, Hold and Off times adjustable from 0 to 99 Cycles.
    • Slope up adjusting time from 0 to 20 Cycles.
    • Adjustment of two– weld stroke, one of which is settable for preheating or post heating the other as welding, from 0.5 to 99 cycles or continuous welding.
    • Welding pulse setting from 1 to 9
    • Program cycle Repeat.
  • System Parameters

    • Setting the aperture of the first half cycle of welding
    • Set of 16 tables of cos (φ).
    • Setting time auxiliary heat before or after welding.
    • Setting the working single or cascade.
    • Setting of the trigger point for the end weld signal before or after Hold Time
    • Set the machine for double head / point with or without overlap.
    • Association Start of cycle 1 to program 1 and start cycle 2 S to program 2 at one valve or two.
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