CS-290 - Spot or seam welding applications, PLC addressable for when you do not need full data output.

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  • Overview

    • Synchronous control for SCR with phase cut off welding current regulation.
    • Working cycle specially designed for Spot welding machines.
    • Three different hot cycles: preheating, welding, post heating.
    • Welding time setting: up to 10 with a resolution of ½ period; above 10 with a resolution of 1 period.
    • Welding current setting in thousands of half wave phase cut off.
    • All outlets and inlets are galvanic insulated.
    • Setting and running capability of 32 programs selected from internal or external.
    • Copy function to overwrite automatically the program 0 on all other programs.
    • Line voltage compensation with activation/deactivation by system parameter.
    • Network serial interface RS485.
    • Start cycle with concomitance (Dual inlet) or via foot switch.
    • First insertion delay setting with a system parameter.
    • Separate proportional valve outlet galvanic insulated.
    • Setting of the proportional valve full range (100%) form 5 to 10 volt with a system parameter.
    • Three different Cycle Ends with correspondent time setting by system parameters.
    • 16 current tables for different machine’s power factor.
    • Pre stroke solenoid valve acting as pre stroke with manual opening or opening at cycle end
    • selectable with a system parameter.
    • Automatic power line frequency recognition.
    • Dedicated signals for PLC drive.
    • Fully adjustable from a PC program.
    • Interchangeable with previous versions ( IP3/S 1208 - IP3/S 1250 ).


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