C-Gun - Air Operated Spot Welding Gun with Safe Separate Control Cabinet

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  • Overview

    C-GUN pneumatic operated suspended gun with a wide selection of arms, user friendly detached control cabinet and reduced weight to ensure high productivity in the toughest industrial applications. The available 8 programs of the WS 708 welding control must be activated and can be used from the keyboard panel directly (internal mode), whilst only program 1 and 2 can be also retrieved from the handle switch selector (external mode). Gyroscope suspension on sealed bearings for easy gun rotation and manoeuvrability in any position. Adjustable working stroke and temporary extra stroke to easily reach workpiece areas also getting over obstacles.

  • Features

    • Single phase supply voltage:400 V


    • Rated power 28 kVA (C-Gun 28)


    • Control cabinet, safely away from the working area, incorporating WS708 welding control, cycle stop emergency button, synchronous ignition SCR group and circuit breaker with residual current device (30mA) for the operator’s safety


    • Ergonomic handle fitted with operation cycle start push button, program 1 and 2 selector switch and temporary extra stroke push button


    • Additional handle to only hold the machine from right or left side


    • Water-cooled welding transformer


    • Water cooled copper arms, electrode-holders and electrodes
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